Medical Gas Line Services

Medical Gas Line Services in San Diego

Testing, Inspections, Repairs & More

Many modern medical facilities, including hospitals, specialized care facilities, and even senior living homes and hospice facilities all depend on having quickly-accessible connections to vital gasses, particularly a clean supply of oxygen. These oxygen lines are built into the walls and travel throughout the building, allowing any patient room, operating area, or other important spaces to be able to have a dependable supply of this gas on-demand. Much like natural gas lines, which run to a furnace, these lines also need to be built to a high standard of quality and cleanliness to ensure they are leak-free for constant pressure and performance.
HPS Plumbing Services offers high-quality gas line services, including installation of new systems, repair of existing lines, inspections, problem diagnoses, and so much more. We have the tools and training to handle gas line issues in any situation, including those which require extensive knowledge and careful workmanship such as hospitals and medical facilities. We even handle gas line jobs in difficult or dangerous areas. You can count on us to make sure your gas supply lines are in top-quality condition. We can even help you expand your current system or conduct a thorough inspection to make sure your current system is leak-free, clean, and working dependably.

We’re Your Local Gas Line Professionals

Medical gas lines require an added degree of caution, care, and quality because of the importance they play. Even small issues could have catastrophic consequences, so you need the absolute best. At HPS Plumbing Services, all our services are performed in accordance with the relevant standards, and we make it a point to exceed your expectations with the quality of the work we perform and the customer service you receive.

We handle gas lines for each of the following:

We service everything from the gas lines that run through your walls to the devices designed to regulate, control, and contain the gas located within. Everything from outlets and nozzles to manifolds and valves to gas alarms and monitors can be left to us. We want to make sure your facility is in good hands and your patients are able to experience the best care possible.