Backflow Certification

Backflow Testing in San Diego

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At HPS Plumbing Services, we provide residents throughout San Diego with backflow prevention testing and education. The purpose of this device is to prevent your water supply from being contaminated by dirty water. If you have a backflow prevention device installed on your property, you are likely aware that you are required to have it tested each year. Typically, your local municipality requires you have a licensed San Diego plumber test your equipment to certify it is up to the proper standards.

How Does Backflow Certification Testing Work?

Backflow testing is a process which should always be entrusted to a trained professional. Whether you have received your annual testing order, or you have recently installed a backflow prevention device which needs initial testing, our San Diego backflow testing technicians can handle the process from start to finish.

The testing process typically goes as follows:

Ensuring Your Equipment Runs Smoothly

The backflow device installed in your plumbing system might be given little thought, but it is an extremely important component. Without it, you might experience sewage getting into your water supply and contaminating it. Our San Diego residential plumbing experts at HPS Plumbing Services have decades of experience and the necessary training to ensure your device is working properly.